Thursday, 20 May 2010


Well its actually nearly two and a half weeks since I last posted!

In this time we have a new government and a fairly historic one to boot! History alone will tell if the Conservative- Lib Dem coalition will be succesful but I think another election will be called possibly as early as this October once the honeymoon period is over but again only time will tell.

Work is rather hectic at the moment but I did manage to escape to Hastings the other day but my plans to have fish and chips for lunch were scuppered by a fatality on the line. Hastings probably has the best fish and chip shops in the UK and lunch is a highlight of a trip there, at times I think life can be extremely unfair!!!!



Jan said...

So sorry you missed your fish and chips ,they taste so much better at the sea side dont they ? Jan xx

Odds Bodkins. said...

Jan's right, fish and chips do taste better at the seaside, especially at Hastings. I think you need to get back there asap and have some.


Liz said...

Obviously 'the fatality on the line' was not a fish that had had its' chips...
'Life' is never fair; it never read the rules by which we judge.

PS Where should 'one boot' the new government? Perhaps into the middle of next week?