Friday, 21 May 2010

Return to Sole Street

Today I went back to Sole Street to undertake an audit. I was pleased to say that the station is in good condition and still retains most of its london Chatham and Dover railway heritage. It brought back many happy memories and I took a couple of photos on my phone.

Station entrance

Looking towards Rochester

The original LCDR waiting shelter on the down side

Networker class 465074 arrives with a semi fast service from Victoria to Gillingham




Ally Lifewithally said...

I love the pictures of the Station glad it still retains most of it's heritage ~ and I am glad it brought back happy memories for you ~ Ally x

Jeanie said...

What a lovely clean and tidy station Andy. I too am glad it brought back fond memories for you. Hope you ae making the most of the lovely weather.
Jeanie xx

Linda George said...

Great photos Andy of a lovely little station. But best of all, you are continuing to make liars of those that tried to write you off. Long may you continue to prove them wrong. xx

Liz said...

I look toward Rochester; do all the lines meet there?

Shooting into the sun is supposedly incorrect yet you show it can give life to a picture.
I see the walkway creating a prism effect with the light mimicking the signals that would guide a train on the tracks below.

I stand on a platform; I have never stood upon, mesmerized.