Monday, 28 June 2010

It aint half hot.......

Well there is one thing that can be said about the British climate-we are never happy with it!

My office is at Gravesend where the temperature was a sizzling 30.9 degrees and that is hot! I was working at an inner London location today and with all the buildings, people and traffic it was insufferably hot. Still I suppose we can not complain, six months ago we were struggling through nearly a foot of snow and we moaned about that.

Typical Brits never satisfied with anything are we, and as for the World Cup-just don't mention it.

Hope you are managing to keep cool



Anonymous said...

It's hot!! :) good to see you doing so well Andy.

On your other post, I've visited Liz for as long as you, she's an exceptional person, but like others I've always been unable to comment except in her guest book.I love her poems, and her pictures always give thought as an artist would hope their paintings do. I hope she's having a good day. I hope you have some coooler days:)

be well and content, rache

Odds Bodkins. said...

Hi Andy,

I definitely miss working outside when the weather is like this! Still, we get more bad weather than good so I'm not complaining.

(Not mentioning the world cup)


ADB said...

No problems with heat up north: 20C in Stornoway

Sybil said...

It sure has been hot Andy...but I won;t complain as I di not like cold wet dark days...having said that the days are already begining to get shorter, believe it or not I have had to switch the light on and it is only 9.30 the clouds have got thicker short while ago so we may get some rain later..let it come during the night is what I say ! Meanwhile keep cool if possible
Sybil xx

Liz said...

World Cup? What's that?
Anyone for tennis?

Liz said...

Re:A comment on a comment by Rache.
I have no idea why people are finding it hard to comment on my blogs. I put a notification on them via blogger because I was getting spam comments in chinese type writing. I have never disallowed any comment that I have been notified of except by one 'spammer' that commented on a blog I had closed.
As far as the 'guest book' is concerned I have no idea what Rache is referring to as far as blogger is concerned. I had to remove my guest book from my website because that too was being abused, but anyone can comment on my photographs on my website and my blogs.
I welcome constructive critism and will only disallow obvious abuse of the facility.
I have been through a particularly bad time with noise and that is why I closed my blogs temporarily.