Thursday, 10 June 2010

No news is good news???

About an hour before my appointment on Tuesday i had a phone call from the consultants secretary, no one had reported on my scan so could I postpone my visit for another week!!!! Why make the appointment if the hospital can not have the results!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On a personal basis it has been quite a sad couple of weeks for me. Apart from the sad news of Jane Thompson's passing I have attended two fatalaties in a work capacity and last night I received news that one of my old school friends has succombed to cancer.



Jan said...

It has been a sad time Andy ,remember its always darkest before dawn ,hope the scan is good news , Jan xx

Jeanie said...

Awww! I'm sorry you are feeling low Andy. I hope you get good news from your scans. In fact I will pray for good news for you.
Chin up dear chap.
Jeanie xxxx

Angie said...

Sorry you're feeling down Andy. I won't say 'dont worry' in case you throw something at me!

Odds Bodkins. said...

Sad times indeed Andy. They always seem to come in bunches don't they?

And what is it with doctors and hospitals? Have they not heard of email for Pete's sake? (Whoever he is).

I hope the results, when they finally arrive, are all good news my friend.


Liz said...

Unfortunately the NHS has grown too big for its' boots and like a spoiled child frequently stomps around in dirty bare feet all over the patients it is paid to care for.

Thinking of you, my friend, over the next seven days.

Sybil said...

It has been a sad time for us al Andy with Janes death but we shoudl really be rejoiceing as she is now out of her painful times.
I am so sorry you hav ehad all the extra things as well. No wonder you are feeling extra low. Today maybe you should be hearing the results I hope so. Keep us in touch.
Love Sybil x