Saturday, 9 October 2010



It seems ages since I last posted but my life is changing in a way which it should of done ages ago.

I can only say that it is not to do with health related issues and i am not prepared to say any more than that but i am sure that any one who knows me will understand why.

I have been trying to upload some photos from Le Touquet but every time I try and add a picture it will not let me publish the entry. Grr and multiple Grrs! I will try again in the week and if that fails tell you about it in words!



Ally Lifewithally said...

I must say I am intrigued to know what is changing your life ~ I only hope it is for the better ~ hope you manage to upload those pictures ~ I am looking forward to seeing them ~ Ally x

Liz said...

I see a butterfly emerging and drying its' wings before flying.

Take time my friend to dry your wings.

Sybil said...

Thanks for the entry Andy...whats this about life changing ?? are you keeping us in suspenders LOL
Good the one of that chap doing exactly what I like doing wonder whoever he could be !!
love Sybil x

Anonymous said...

I love your deserted beach, I would relish in that. Best wishes for all your life changes.