Sunday, 30 May 2010


This is not quite the entry that I was planning.

It is with great regret and sadness that I have to say that Jane Thompson passed away this afternoon.

Her fight with renal cancer can has been a long struggle which she fought with immense courage and determination. Even though we never met and comunicated only through blog entries she gave me such determination to carry on with my own fight against cancer I feel at a loss to put in words my devastation at her passing. My thoughts are with her husband and children there loss is imense.


Friday, 21 May 2010

Return to Sole Street

Today I went back to Sole Street to undertake an audit. I was pleased to say that the station is in good condition and still retains most of its london Chatham and Dover railway heritage. It brought back many happy memories and I took a couple of photos on my phone.

Station entrance

Looking towards Rochester

The original LCDR waiting shelter on the down side

Networker class 465074 arrives with a semi fast service from Victoria to Gillingham



Thursday, 20 May 2010


Well its actually nearly two and a half weeks since I last posted!

In this time we have a new government and a fairly historic one to boot! History alone will tell if the Conservative- Lib Dem coalition will be succesful but I think another election will be called possibly as early as this October once the honeymoon period is over but again only time will tell.

Work is rather hectic at the moment but I did manage to escape to Hastings the other day but my plans to have fish and chips for lunch were scuppered by a fatality on the line. Hastings probably has the best fish and chip shops in the UK and lunch is a highlight of a trip there, at times I think life can be extremely unfair!!!!


Monday, 3 May 2010

Great Balls of Fire

Excuse the slightly humerous title but it reveals a serious and worrying situation.

Here in Maidstone we seem to have an arsonist on the loose. It started last week when fires were started in the toilets in Sainsbury's, Chequers Shoping centr and McDonalds, This was followed by a fire in a flat in Durham Close.

Worse was to come on Saturday, a fire was discovered in the lighting department at B & Q in Larkfield which fortunately was quickly dealt with. Half an hour later a serious fire was discovered in the Homebase store at South Aylesford. This started in the middle of the store in the timber department and as it is a DIY store it was full of flammable materials, paint white spirit etc it spread rapidly. The store has been completely destroyed and at one stage the temperature inside reached 600 degrees centigrade.

Fortunately no one has been injured in any of these incidents but I only hope the authorities catch the person responsible sooner rather than later.

Another piece of sad news has reached me about one of my fellow bloggers Jane. She has been suffering from kidney cancer for some time and unfortunately her condition has deteriorated over the last 24 hours. You can visit her blog at A Journey of another kind. Her fight against cancer has been truly inspirational and has been a great strength in my own fight.


Saturday, 1 May 2010



You know those competions in free newspapers and you wonder if anyone ever wins them? Just before Easter just for devilment I thought I would enter one wher the prize was a 1 kg Belgium chocolate Easter Egg- well guess what turned uo today!

It is almost to good to open!