Friday, 30 January 2009

All went well - sort of!

Wednesday was the day of my admission to hospital. As you know they send you a letter telling you date and time of admission and when you can last have anything to eat or drink.
In my case I was not allowed to eat or drink after 3am on Wednesday morning which in real life turned out to be about 9 on Tuesday evening. I also had to ring the hospital at 7 in the morning to find out if a bed was available--guess what there was not one! They did promise to ring me back when one became available which they did at 1.30! When I got to the hospital I still had to wait until 5 before a bed was found.
Went to theatre at 5.45 and was back in the ward wide awake at 7.15, they could not understand why I felt so dry- maybe nearly 24 hours without a drink had some part in it.
As the biopsies were done by laparoscopy I have 5 inciscions on my stomach which are sore rather than painful. I have to wait until February 10th for the results though but I am cautiously optomistic.

Listening to the weather forecast I see winter is due to return with the possibility of snow next week-think I will hibernate until Easter.

Take Care



ADB said...

Good to hear the biopsy went ok, well, long live the good ole NHS. Keep us posted.

Beth said...

Sounds promising, Andy--I hope the results are good! It's a shame you had to go so long without drinking anything, though. That would be rough!

Frances said...

redleI know what you mean about feeling dry. I recently had a medical procedure, and could have nothing to eat or drink. I had to have someone come with me to drive because of the antisthetic. At the hospital waiting room, the nurse came around asking the drivers if they wanted something to drink, I told her that was cruel to the patients, since we couldn't have anything. LOL Hope all goes well with your tests.

Sandra said...

Hi Andy, I know what you mean about having to wait for a bed, it makes the thought of the op feel much worse. I`m glad iit all went well and I hope you get the all clear when the results come through.

Love Sandra xx

Delores Getmeslippers said...

It is good that you got through that bit ok. Rest up now and no lifting!

LYN said...


Jan said...

Oh how frustating for you having to wait ,and not having a drink either ,at least it was done ....finally ..good luck with the results Andy Jan xx