Friday, 23 January 2009

At the moment its not raining!

For a change its not raining here in Kent. Aparently South East England has had double the normal amount of rain for January and the ground is certainly waterlogged.

Workwise our office is located at Gravesend and if I go into the office my journeytakes me up the valley of the River Medway and than across the marshes to Gravesend. At the moment the Medway is at the highest level thyat I have seen it for many years. Where it passes through Maidstone town centre it is already over the towpath and is lapping against the Archbishops Palace and All Saints. It is certainly fast flowing and very muddy indicating the amount of top soil that has been washed of the land. They have even had to move the river bus to a safer mooring. On the marshes the land is so waterlogged that the lifestock that graze there are huddled on to dry pieces of land. I really must remember to take my camera and take some pictures and post them here, this is something i have been intending to do since I started my A O Hell blog ages ago. Aparently there is going to be a frost tonight- what a lovely thought wet roads freezing.

Any one who knows me will know that I am a great fan of the music of Gwyneth Herbert and I understand that she is releasing a new cd in the not to distant future. If you have never heard her I would heartily recomend that you check her out. Other artists I enjoy are Karrin Allyson, Jane Monheidt, Liz Wright,Alison Krausse, Alison Crowe, Alice Russell, Fiona Apple, Luther Van Dross, Michael Buble, Candy Dulfer and Diana Krall. Now what makes you think I like female jazz vocalists!

On a personal basis I have received my date for the surgical procedure-its next Wednesday the 28th at 8.00am but in true NHS style I have to ring at 07.30 to check that a bed is available. If there is I dont know how they expect me to get there by 8 bearing in mind the normal flow of traffic in Maidstone at any time of day. Thought I was speeding the other day-I overtook a pedestrian!


Frances said...

The best of wishes to you on your surgical procedure next Wednesday, Andy. I am scheduled to have injections for my back pain on Monday, so we will just recouperate together, you in England and me in Texas. LOL
And watch that speeding!!! You might catch up with another pedestrian. LOL

Delores Getmeslippers said...

Don't worry too much about them saying your procedure is at 8.00am, they can't expect you to get there that quickly, maybe they ask all patients to come in at that time so that they can start processing them. I would love to see some photos of the river lapping at the Bishop's palace, go on, get snapping.

Sandra said...

Isn`t it wet underfoot Andy, yesterday while walking Jake I almost lost my welly in the mud. I soon gave up and came home before I fell over. This afternoon I did a bit of quelchy gardening but again gave up before I!

Love and ((Hugs))

Sandra xxxx

sparkx said...

well I think it's bloody terrible, expecting people to sit at home and worry about things, it's enough to drive you crazy. My uncle had to have a procedure, an urgent (ish) one to do with his heart, he finally got in on the fourth appointment, the previous three when he phoned the beds were taken up overnight, so don't get yourself to worked up Andy. Hope all goes well. Lynbo xx

ADB said...

Keep us posted re. progress on your procedure, Andy

Ally Lifewithally said...

Andy we have had our fair share of rain here in the last couple of weeks ~ don't sound as bad as yours though ~ hope everything goes well for you Wednesday and they do have a bed for you ~ Keep us updated ~ Ally x