Sunday, 11 January 2009

Thank you

Those two words seem so little to say back to you all for your kind words and support. I am just happy to be amongst such wonderful people that words can not express how I feel.

As well as those of you who have left comments on the blog I would like to say a special thanks to a couple of people who have contacted me directly your messages meant a lot to me especially over Christmas and New Year.

I have the kidney biopsy this Tuesday at Maidstone Hospital on Tuesday as a day case but wont get the result until the following week. The reason treatment can not start any earlier is that they have to be certain exactly what they are treating and give the appropriate treatment.

Again thank you all from the bottom of my heart you are friends in a million.



Delores Getmeslippers said...

I hope it all goes well for you Andy. Although we are strangers, I will think of you on Tuesday and say a little prayer. Take care

ADB said...

Don't mention it, Andy. Hope the result of your investigations will be favourable.

Jeannette said...

Will be thinking of you on Tuesday Andy and praying that the results are everything you could wish for. We are here for you.

Jane said...

Hi Andy,
Needless to say I will be thinking about you tomorrow...and when you get your results.
Having a wee bit of experience in the kidney cancer department please feel free to email me with any questions or if you just want a good old moan - Im here for you,


sparkx said...

I've been too wrapped up and too busy wallowing in my own self pity this Christmas after what happened to Martin.
I'm sorry you have had such a shitty start to the new year too, I understand the worry you must be feeling, it's horrendous, especially the waiting and waiting. I hope all goes well for you Andy, I will be thinking of you and sending positive vibes your way, stay positive and don't think bad thoughts, they don't get you anywhere.
Lynbo xx