Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Christmas, New Year and the big 'C'

Well its all done and dusted for another year.
However this year it has left me with a legacy. Ten years ago I was diagnosed with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma which is a form of cancer for which I went through a two lots of chemotherapy which dealt with the issue and after five years I was told that it could not return. However as I said in my last entry I was very poorly before Christmas and a kidney function test revealed a creatinine level of 157 as opposed to the 'normal' level of 110. Creatinine is the measure of how effective the kidney disposes of waste. As a result I had a CT scan at Maidstone Hospital which has revealed another tumour on the kidney and I am waiting for a kidney biopsy to identify the type of tumour and possible treatment. However there was some good news, a subsequent blood test has revealed that the creatinine level has dropped to 120 and they are satisfied with the result.
Obviously this has left rather a dampner on Christmas and New Year but I refuse to let it get me down and when I get the result of the biopsy and have treatment will try and stay positive but I am expecting some 'black' days but I am sure I will be able to cope and will look forward to having a bit more time to read and comment on all your blogs-you have been warned!

I cant say I like this cold snap much, there is still snow on the ground here in Kent and walking and driving conditions are dangerous away from the main routes, indeed have ended up slipping over a couple of times fortunately without any harm other than to my pride!

Anyway I hope you are all enjoying good health and managing to keep warm, they are forecasting freezing fog for tonight!

Take care



LYN said...

i don't think it will be malignant..i will pray anyway..hubby has been in remission from non-hodgkins since 1993..guess he's cured too huh??

wishing you all the very best!!!

Delores Getmeslippers said...

That is harsh news for you but I hope you get some good news about it after the tests.

Jmoqueen said...

That is not a great start to the year but I'm glad to read your not letting it get you down. My thoughts are with you x

Beth said...

Andy, I hope the results will come back to you with good news. In the meantime, try to maintain that positive attitude of yours!

Hugs, Beth

Linda George said...

Sorry to hear you've got this new illness. Keeping my fingers crossed that it's easily dealt with.

Linda x.

Joann said...

Saying prayers for you, and wishing you well.

Sugar said...

just heard the news, wanted to come by & tell you i'm sorry you're feeling poorly. hoprfully it won't be cancer, but something more easily fixed.
i had uterine ca in o7, they tell me if i make it 5 yrs i'm cured!
do they tell us all the same thing?
will be saying a prayer today & lighting a candle for you, will also put your name in my prayer box.
hoping all goes good for you, & 09 is a bright new year.
God bless...

Hollie said...

I'll be praying for good news all around!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Just a note to say you'll be in my prayers. Keep up the optimist thoughts! 'On Ya'-ma

Jeannette said...

Hello Andy. I heard of you through Guido and came to wish you well from here in Essex. Nice to met another British blogger. I hope that your health situation improves and that any treatment you may have to have will go smoothly and be completely successful. God bless.

Frances said...

You know, I don't believe there can be too many prayers, so I am adding you to my prayer list, too. Hope your news is better with your next post. I am glad to see you keeping a positive attitude. That is very important in any treatment.
Best wishes to you!!

Sandra said...

I`ll be thinking of you Andy and will pray that all will be well. Take care.

Love Sandra xx

Jeanie said...


If good health has an ally it is 'positive thinking'. You have that in abundance as I can see by your writing.
I wish you all the best from your results and hope that the cancer has not returned. I will keep you in my prayers.
God bless

Linda :) said...

Bringing special thoughts... :)